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Drain Cleaning

We believe that it is vital for the consumer to have this knowledge up front. We provide excellent plumbing and drain cleaning services at reasonable prices. We are licensed, and insured.

We are proud of the fact that we charge less than our leading competitors in all areas of plumbing and drain cleaning, and our synergy towards our service focus is always 110%! 8th Ave Plumbing and Heating emphasizes the importance of cost control when working with our part and equipment suppliers without sacrificing any quality. The licensed and bonded plumbers we employ will make sure that your drainpipes and sewer lines keep flowing smoothly.

Years of grease, soap scum, hair and food waste all contribute to clogged drainpipes causing you headaches. To get your drains “draining like new” give us a call!

Residential Remodeling

Our residential remodeling division can handle's all aspects of plumbing for your home including, service, installation and repair. Our technicians can work closely with your contractor or designer if you are considering remodeling your kitchen or a bathroom.

Each of your technicians comes equipped with a fully inventoried truck. Hot water heaters, gas or electric that have gone bad are replaced the same day no matter what time the call comes in.

Should your repair or installation require the removal of sheet rock or tile we offer complete replacement services. Each of our technicians are licensed, up to date on the latest building codes and trained on the latest technologies available. Our certified and licensed professionals do it all from roofing to interior painting and so much more. We guarantee you will be impressed with the results of our work.


The instructions below are for installing a new two-piece toilet onto the existing flange where an old two-piece toilet has been removed. If you want to install a new toilet in a different location, you will have to modify the existing plumbing lines for the toilet base and tank, according to your local plumbing codes. For a project of that size, it is best left to for us!.

Using a putty knife, scrape the residue remaining from the wax ring seal off both the floor and toilet drain flange (and toilet, if you are reusing it). Then, slip each floor mounting bolt, head first, into an adjusting slot of the toilet drain flange. Lay the base of the toilet gently on its side or upside down and then fit and press the new wax ring seal to the horn (lip) at the toilet's drain opening. If the new wax ring has a plastic or rubber sleeve on one side, position it so it's facing away from the toilet.

Plumbing Installation

We are engaged in providing a wide range plumbing installation services to its customers across the country. We hold a team of professionally qualified professionals who make value additional services to its customers.

We cater to all household plumbing repair needs. Customized services are also presented by to thereby suit the clients’ individual requirements. All services offered by us are rendered at sensible rates so as to equal individual budget requirements. We are also engaged in fixing a bathroom, cistern leaks, shower baths and hot water systems. We offer an extensive range of plumbing services

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